Thursday, September 12, 2013

MXM - Rare Flesh

i am not sure if this is the test mixes collection originally produced in 1994 together with monde bruits
and later released as the legendary flesh biting paedophile tape in 1995.
back then only 2 copys of this tape existed. looks like rodger stella kept his copy while joseph roemer
sold his tape to a collector. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

TADM/Cracksteel - Official Channels


 great split between these harsh-noise badasses.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Adult Crash Unit - The Chronicles of mental Wreckage

a collection of early mental-wreckage work.


Various Artists - Noise Rhine Westphalia

the rhine ruhr area located in located in the more western part of germany is known for its long tradition
in steel production and ore factorys. a bunch of german noise and harsh noise artists live in this area
and also a few labels are located here. one of the most known should be "cthulhu records" located in the city of moers which released the infamous "entre vifs-heavy duty" tape. this sampler gives a small overview over a very potential and creative local scene. it was planned as a series of noise samplers which will cover
every region of germany but unfortunatly only one release in this series was made.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Various Artists - Noise and Junk Omnibus

a sampler with a bunch of (mainly japanese) noise artists from RRR 1991.

Hirose-Otomo Duo Po-0 10:49
Vasilisk The Ritual Mask 4:14
Dissecting Table Transfer The Object By The Spirit 4:56
Needles Including Eye Injection 1:06
Gerogerigegege, The Violence Onanie 6:52
Violent Onsen Geisha Hey Bo Didley! 3:47
Keiich Inoue Your Mothers Cunt 2:18
Takell-Kizimecca Ecologist 4:32
Incapacitants Live At 20,000 7:031
Solmania Drive Time 8:531
Null  Infinity 4:441
Agencement Maceration 4:57
Hirose-Otomo Duo  Take 34:46


Rend - Proberta Gerber

various pitch shifter abuses
he released a few tapes on a private label in the mid nineties.
nothing special but still a good listen.
i always wondering how ron discovers such artists.

RRR Pure Series 1996




Daniel Menche - Static Burn

i always loved menches raw sub frequency experiments.
Soleilmoon Recordings 1994 with 7 untitled Tracks.


Due Process Fin de la Voix

RRR 2001


1 Combine XXI Featuring – Chris Cooper (3) 4:42
2 Combine XXII Trumpet – Greg Kelley 6:19
3 Combine XXIII Featuring – Dave Quinn 6:18
4 Combine XXIV Featuring – Vic Rawlings 8:30
5 Fin De La Voix 17:59


Monday, August 19, 2013

Richard Ramirez - Shadows in the Arcade

Of course everyone knows this Texas based Harsh Noise Act.
This tape was released in August 2013 by Auto-Badau KIassettenmanufaktur
and contains 90 Minutes of Raw HNW oriented,sinister  Feedback and Reverb Mayhem.
Thanks for the Discogs Cover Upload Richard.


label home

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Macronympha RRR Tape

a part of this tape was released on the MSNP sampler.
i was glad when i received this copy with the entire material.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meta Friend 1st Demo cd-r

This is the first Demo cd by Japanese Harsh Noise Maniac "Meta-Friend". Nice Tracks. Can't post a tracklist since it is all written in Japanese. Sorry no Cover at the moment.


YY2/DNZ - Deadly Combination

Released on Auto-Badau Kassettenmanufaktur Germany 2012. Auto Badau isn't a real Label at all
since it is focused on some sort of low budget private Tape Copys. Great old fashioned
Industrial on this Release. About 20 Copys made. I put both Sides in one File this time

Libertinage - Quick Cum

Released on Taint's Label "Biteworks" in 2007. Re-released by Stiff Sanctorum Japan 2012.
Original Tape was a Single Side Recording. Libertinage is Taint.


Thursday, April 25, 2013


since mediafire deleted my account i am still looking for alternatives.
i will reup them mediafire files on another account as soon as i got the time and initiative.
since i guess wont be a good solution for the future i am still thinking
of using a private online backup account.
well see what the future holds. please believe in this blog and stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Meta Friend/Helical Phobia/Blackphone 666 Split

5 track split cd-r by 3 japanese artists from tokyo. classical japanese harsh noise released on OOO records japan. i will try to get the original cover and the tracklist uploaded.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Clemon/Zone Nord RRR tape

two RRR tapes for this weekend. the first one is zone nord. second one the unreconized and awesome
tape by some guy called clemon. the zone nord tape sounds like maurizio bianchi on acid and clemon is
pure  low fi sound extremism have fun.

DOWNLOAD Zone Nord Tape Side A
DOWNLOAD Zone Nord Tape Side B


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mordant Karma - Devour

2012 on white centipede noise.
really a great release from this
unknown japanese project. looks like he delivers a
very significant style trough all of his releases.
multilayered incapacitants style harsh noise paired with annoying,
clean feedback. very dirty, i love it.

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