Thursday, September 12, 2013

MXM - Rare Flesh

i am not sure if this is the test mixes collection originally produced in 1994 together with monde bruits
and later released as the legendary flesh biting paedophile tape in 1995.
back then only 2 copys of this tape existed. looks like rodger stella kept his copy while joseph roemer
sold his tape to a collector. 


  1. this must be a proper rip of the reissue on Mother Savage Noise Production from this year (i'm assuming it's close to the source given that it's split into 9 tracks...but who knows when ripping noise tapes with limited info...sometimes it's a best guess) ...i'm on the MSNP mailing list but missed this one...discogs shows it as a 2 track ... who knows!? Going to have to try and get the Industrial Recollections cd reissue of flesh-biting as well!

    1. yes this is the re-issue on mother savage. according to discogs theres one more track on the original demo tape for some reason. you should get the flesh biting tape definetly its a must.

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