Monday, September 24, 2012

Auto-Badau Tape Sampler Vol.001

Released on Auto-Badau Kassettenmanufaktur (Germany) in 2011 and now sold out.
Limited to about 40 Copys or so and spread around the globe (mainly to the US and Japan).
Most of the Artists featured here offered  exclusive tracks for this sampler. Excepting Dissecting Table as far as i know.

Discogs Info :

TracklistHide Credits

A1Dissecting Table Adventitious (remix 3)
Composed By – Ichiro Tsuji
A2Werewolf Jerusalem Dark Mass
Composed By – Richard Ramirez
A3DNZ Experpt Number 2
A4AMK So Long The Same
B1Hollow Bush Wrong Hole Dub
Composed By – Rodger Stella
B2Errare Humanum Est Spontaneous Contraception
B3Tobacconists, The Poor Man´s Music
Composed By – Scott Foust & Frans De Waard



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mo-Te - Life in A Peacefull New World

sometimes there are harsh noise releases which offer they'r full potential when you give them a second listen.
"life in apeacefull new world" is so intense and overlayered that you need time and initiative do decode the whole characteristic of it's sound. the last time i of got this feeling was when i listened to VIVENZA's - "Metallugie" tape, while having a walk at night months ago. i love mo-te's feeling for very abstract and reputative industrial textures on this tape. it's just dark, heavy and hypnotic.

i copied the original tape on a old BASF FERRO tape since these tapes offer a great sound for this kind of material and then ripped the whole thing in mp3. it doesn't affect the sound quality that much but it sounds a little bit warmer and rougher.

released in 1996 on the STIMBOX label called "he-bi like a snake", here's the discogs info :

All sounds taken from three tapes sent over the course of a year.

Original titles for these pieces:

1. Self-Titled C30

2. Self Titled C60:

Side A

Fragmentary Remedy

Bie Off

Burn Out

Side B



3. Self-Titled C10:

Side A

Litter, 2

Side B

Beggar's Heart

Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.


Mediafire Issue

unfortunatly mediafire is wiping out huge amounts of album uploads right now.
i wasn't able to re upload those releases to another hoster so if you find dead links here, they have probably been deleted by mediafire. i use at the moment but will try to find a good unix compatible web storage account for further uploads.
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