Monday, October 15, 2012

VA - New Noise Year's Party

club moral was (besides come organisation, aquilifer sodality and others) one of the more important
european noise labels which contributet a few of the
most controverse and rawest noise pioneers back in the days.
i picked out this sampler because i'm a huge fan of the works from H64 which changed his name
to TBC a few years later and runs the german noise/experimental label "wachsender prozess" nowadays.

i guess a lot of you folks noticed the old club club moral podcast which has a lot of releases shut down already. but its still interesting if you want further information about this great label.

this sampler is also available there but i decided to upload it here before i gets vanished like the other releases on that page.



Sunday, October 14, 2012

TaE - Leukotomie / Transorbitale Leukotomie

german noise/experimental release by TaE, a mid 80's atrax morgue style project released on tape and re-released in 2011/12 by the label  "Wachsender Prozess".
the origin label of the tape release is unknown but CD cover says : "Bunker Produkt Nr.1".


Die Neue Zeit / Errare Humanum Est - Fluxus (Smell the Stench)

this is a collaboration between german noise/harsh noise artists "Errare Humanum Est" and 
"DNZ (Die Neue Zeit) ". the last track on the record has been recorded in one complete
session within one night at errare humanum est's living room.
released on smell the stench, recorded and released in 2011.


Dissecting Table - Intrinsically Pure

superb release on the japanese label "bloodsucker record". the whole release consists of two long tracks nice digital noise.

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