Sunday, August 22, 2010


there are a lot of crappy noise samplers out there.
this cd is one of a few exceptions....
pretty unusual and nice japanoise tracks
from the usual suspects can be found here.

1 Pain Jerk Gang Girls At 5:39pm 6:12
2 K2 Back To Back Appearance 6:01
3 C.C.C.C. Worm Wood 6:28
4 Melt-Banana Brick Again 0:49
5 K.K. Null Star Burst 4:53
6 MSBR Yakuza Psychedelia 6:00
7 Masonna Wonderwall 2:09
8 Incapacitants Head Butt To The Railroad 5:00
9 Mo*Te 0.9MG 5:05
10 Government Alpha Fall Apart 5:27

released in 2003 on little mafia records, limited edition.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Emil Beaulieau - Kill The All-Noise Japanese Artists

a pretty nice japanoise sampler from emil beaulieau, released for the great pure records series in 1995. guess they're was remixes by mr.beaulieau himself, but don't know for sure...



1 Merz Bow-Wow-Wow 8:39
2 Violins O.G. 8:22
3 Hi-Fi K. Dan 5:53
4 Madonna 4:51
5 NSBR 5:40
6 Nerd 8:45
7 Nell 5:36
8 Aude 4:26
9 Incapacitated 5:21
10 Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring Boring 4:15

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Two Monde Bruits Releases Uploaded

at first we got the "selected noise works 1993-1994" definetly not the best MONDE BRUITS release
but gives a interesting view on the possibilities of DOD effects (only DOD equipment used on this album).

DOWNLOAD selected noise works

the second one is the first MONDE BRUITS TAPE calles PORTUGUESE MaN OF WAR
(released on vanilla) which is a 30 minute harsh noise cascade blowout, and
definetly his best release. pretty hard to find....

DOWNLOAD portoguese man of war

Noiseconcrete - Pig

this tape was received by a friend of mine as a gift together with some other record.
noiseconcrete describes itself as "harsh noise from toyota city".
the tracks on this tape sound different from each other and seem very influenced
by typical mid 90ies osaka noise legends.
released in 2005 on government thirteen.


Black Leather Jesus - Crossburnt Tape

a great collective of noise artists with huge potential, as this release will proof.
C 50 released in 1995 on E.F TAPES.


Hijokaidan JoJo & Junko CD

i was surprised how clear and simple this album was structured. just guitar and voice, arranged in a simple and powerfull way. this is the kind of dirty e-guitar sound i love to listen while sitting in my bathtub with a cigarette on a crapulous sunday afternoon.
the last track is different from the no paris no harm LP and was replaced trough a great live version.

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