Tuesday, September 29, 2009


every broken download link has been repaired today. merzbow - rainbow electronics vol.1 and the rita - thousands of dead gods will be uploaded in the next two days.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


couldn't find a cover photo in a acceptable quality,
so here is a picture of a black hole for instead...

Numbered limited edition of 500 copies (200 of which were only for sale in Japan).
Recorded & mixed at ZSF Produkt Studio Tokyo June - August 1994.
Track 3 live at Cafe Der FH, Frankfurt, 6 Nov '92.

Tracks :
1 Noisematrix (19:39)
2 Krafft - Ebbings Dick (24:39)
3 Krautrock #1 (17:29)

push me into a sea of drones

Monday, September 7, 2009

GEROGERIGEGEGE Nothing to hear...

THIS is a rare promo release by a taiwanese fan club.
it has "promo" stamped on the cover due to the strict taiwanese
copyright laws. without this stamp the record would probably never been released (sick!) - but also contains a sick wall of harsh noise, surely a side of gerogerigegege which you wouldn't expect!
of course EXTREMELY RARE and impossible to find!


this is one of the rarest and best VOG releaes i've ever seen.
if you think that "midnight gambler" is a title of reference,then you should take a look at this one :-)
released in 1991 on vanilla records.
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