Thursday, August 22, 2013

TADM/Cracksteel - Official Channels


 great split between these harsh-noise badasses.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Adult Crash Unit - The Chronicles of mental Wreckage

a collection of early mental-wreckage work.


Various Artists - Noise Rhine Westphalia

the rhine ruhr area located in located in the more western part of germany is known for its long tradition
in steel production and ore factorys. a bunch of german noise and harsh noise artists live in this area
and also a few labels are located here. one of the most known should be "cthulhu records" located in the city of moers which released the infamous "entre vifs-heavy duty" tape. this sampler gives a small overview over a very potential and creative local scene. it was planned as a series of noise samplers which will cover
every region of germany but unfortunatly only one release in this series was made.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Various Artists - Noise and Junk Omnibus

a sampler with a bunch of (mainly japanese) noise artists from RRR 1991.

Hirose-Otomo Duo Po-0 10:49
Vasilisk The Ritual Mask 4:14
Dissecting Table Transfer The Object By The Spirit 4:56
Needles Including Eye Injection 1:06
Gerogerigegege, The Violence Onanie 6:52
Violent Onsen Geisha Hey Bo Didley! 3:47
Keiich Inoue Your Mothers Cunt 2:18
Takell-Kizimecca Ecologist 4:32
Incapacitants Live At 20,000 7:031
Solmania Drive Time 8:531
Null  Infinity 4:441
Agencement Maceration 4:57
Hirose-Otomo Duo  Take 34:46


Rend - Proberta Gerber

various pitch shifter abuses
he released a few tapes on a private label in the mid nineties.
nothing special but still a good listen.
i always wondering how ron discovers such artists.

RRR Pure Series 1996




Daniel Menche - Static Burn

i always loved menches raw sub frequency experiments.
Soleilmoon Recordings 1994 with 7 untitled Tracks.


Due Process Fin de la Voix

RRR 2001


1 Combine XXI Featuring – Chris Cooper (3) 4:42
2 Combine XXII Trumpet – Greg Kelley 6:19
3 Combine XXIII Featuring – Dave Quinn 6:18
4 Combine XXIV Featuring – Vic Rawlings 8:30
5 Fin De La Voix 17:59


Monday, August 19, 2013

Richard Ramirez - Shadows in the Arcade

Of course everyone knows this Texas based Harsh Noise Act.
This tape was released in August 2013 by Auto-Badau KIassettenmanufaktur
and contains 90 Minutes of Raw HNW oriented,sinister  Feedback and Reverb Mayhem.
Thanks for the Discogs Cover Upload Richard.


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