Saturday, October 22, 2011

V/A ...have fun!

A1 Intro (Germany Huntsabotage)
A2 Menschlicher Müllschlund – Live Coburg 9/12/93
A3 G-Hörsturz – Massmedia / The Universal Manipulation Through Industrial Consciousnessmachinery
A4 Audicion Irritable – Studio Tracks Sept. 93

weird sampler, the first track contains live material from a concert in the city of "coburg" (germany) recorded 1993. it is the worst live recording of a noisecore band ive ever heard.

second track is from g-hörsturz which i already introduced on this blog.

the intro sounds like a rageous mob of protesters shouting at the police or something.

s/sided C 90 tape germany 1993

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