Sunday, June 23, 2013

Macronympha RRR Tape

a part of this tape was released on the MSNP sampler.
i was glad when i received this copy with the entire material.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meta Friend 1st Demo cd-r

This is the first Demo cd by Japanese Harsh Noise Maniac "Meta-Friend". Nice Tracks. Can't post a tracklist since it is all written in Japanese. Sorry no Cover at the moment.


YY2/DNZ - Deadly Combination

Released on Auto-Badau Kassettenmanufaktur Germany 2012. Auto Badau isn't a real Label at all
since it is focused on some sort of low budget private Tape Copys. Great old fashioned
Industrial on this Release. About 20 Copys made. I put both Sides in one File this time

Libertinage - Quick Cum

Released on Taint's Label "Biteworks" in 2007. Re-released by Stiff Sanctorum Japan 2012.
Original Tape was a Single Side Recording. Libertinage is Taint.

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