Thursday, February 25, 2010


side one sounds more ambient noise like at the beginning and skips into a harsh scratchy wall of noise...nice
side two is mainly static wall noise.
great release limited to 280 copys on grey clear vinyl (dogma chase records).


A Circumspect Shedding
B Ascetic Circummure


Monday, February 22, 2010

The Cherry Point PCRV Split Tape

back in 2004 the chery point released over 20 split tapes with different noise artists. meanwhile they're very hard to find and i had the luck to get my hands on this superb split release with PCRV.
PCRV doing unusual low fi harsh noise on side A, whilst TCP doing some great thick intense static wall noise on side B. enjoy !


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Maim - Notch CD

maim is the significant example for classical mid 90 japanoise influences with a very own style and characteristic. never seen this release before on discogs or elsewhere. it was limited to 45 copys and came in a sleeve with a grey printed cd. no cover photo at the moment.


Suishou No Fune - The Gold Labyrinth

released 2008 on blossoming noise.
very deep experimantal e-guitar cascades with a load of reverb effects attached...sounds similar to those chinese avantgarde
guitar sounds which are common at the moment...
very nice for long winter evenings.

1 Entrance To The Labyrinth 6:06
2 Fragments Of A Broken Glass 13:35
3 At Dusk 14:56
4 Golden Smoke 8:30
5 The World In The Mirror 17:33
6 Exit From The Labyrinth 9:14


more infoklick here

Rough Sex Quartet - Bound Slit Tape

here is more rough sex quartet for your drenched brain....
there was not much (11 records) released by those guys but it has always been great static wall noise.
this tape came out on unrest productions it was limited to 100 copys and is there latest release...

Download Side A
Download Side B
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