Sunday, August 22, 2010


there are a lot of crappy noise samplers out there.
this cd is one of a few exceptions....
pretty unusual and nice japanoise tracks
from the usual suspects can be found here.

1 Pain Jerk Gang Girls At 5:39pm 6:12
2 K2 Back To Back Appearance 6:01
3 C.C.C.C. Worm Wood 6:28
4 Melt-Banana Brick Again 0:49
5 K.K. Null Star Burst 4:53
6 MSBR Yakuza Psychedelia 6:00
7 Masonna Wonderwall 2:09
8 Incapacitants Head Butt To The Railroad 5:00
9 Mo*Te 0.9MG 5:05
10 Government Alpha Fall Apart 5:27

released in 2003 on little mafia records, limited edition.


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