Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mo-Te - Life in A Peacefull New World

sometimes there are harsh noise releases which offer they'r full potential when you give them a second listen.
"life in apeacefull new world" is so intense and overlayered that you need time and initiative do decode the whole characteristic of it's sound. the last time i of got this feeling was when i listened to VIVENZA's - "Metallugie" tape, while having a walk at night months ago. i love mo-te's feeling for very abstract and reputative industrial textures on this tape. it's just dark, heavy and hypnotic.

i copied the original tape on a old BASF FERRO tape since these tapes offer a great sound for this kind of material and then ripped the whole thing in mp3. it doesn't affect the sound quality that much but it sounds a little bit warmer and rougher.

released in 1996 on the STIMBOX label called "he-bi like a snake", here's the discogs info :

All sounds taken from three tapes sent over the course of a year.

Original titles for these pieces:

1. Self-Titled C30

2. Self Titled C60:

Side A

Fragmentary Remedy

Bie Off

Burn Out

Side B



3. Self-Titled C10:

Side A

Litter, 2

Side B

Beggar's Heart

Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.



  1. The link doesn't work. Is there any chance chance that you could re-up this one? That'd be awesome.


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