Thursday, April 25, 2013


since mediafire deleted my account i am still looking for alternatives.
i will reup them mediafire files on another account as soon as i got the time and initiative.
since i guess wont be a good solution for the future i am still thinking
of using a private online backup account.
well see what the future holds. please believe in this blog and stay tuned.


  1. Mediafire strikes again! I am sorry to hear you've been temporarily derailed by those jerks... you could do worse then, but there are definitely better options. Good luck to you and a speedy recovery :>)


  2. definately echo carl's comment...

    filecloud is keeping both myself and carl active ... it works (for now)

  3. i too have been completely deflated by mediafire recently (AGAIN!) no fucking more... as far as alternatives... trial and effort and wasted time until the next one gets yanked down right? this is all starting to seem like such a wasted, worthless, fucking doomed attempt.... but, ya know... good luck to you!!!


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