Friday, December 17, 2010

A Introduction to Controlled Bleeding

the boston (later new-york) based group "controlled bleeding" is one of the countless projects of
the highly creative paul lemos.
for my part, i came far too late across this band. they'r sounds cover the whole
spectrum from industrial, power electronics, experimental collages over dark ambient to "regular" music.
you may get these two albums also from other blog ressources, but they are definetly worth a mention here.

the first download is they'r 2005 release on hospital records release which gives a nice
overview over controlled bleedings repertoire and is recommended for someone who listens to them for the first time.

the second download is they*r outstanding experimental/harsh noise mid 80ies rarity
"knees and bones", which includes the greatest sound collage i've ever heard.

i will also upload the stunning vanilla records release "bladder bags" these days.




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